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Coffee Beans & Blends


To ensure you receive the freshest coffee we import our coffee beans from the worlds best coffee producing regions and roast fresh every day.

Our roasting facility located at our Roasting House offers access to a large range of gourmet custom blends. Our Australian-made state of the art fluid bed system produces less carbon emissions and more energy efficient than most roasters today. Our passionate espresso specialists are always refining new blends and follow strict roasting profiles to ensure the integrity of each blend is maintained and consistent.

Our blends from darkest to lightest (Taste Strength indicated scale 1 to 5)

Cafe Blends

Espresso Blend

A well-balanced, clean coffee with rich dark chocolate notes with hints of stone fruits, honey and savoury caramels.  A traditional dark Italian espresso coffee.

Strength 4/5

Signature Blend

A smooth coffee with hints of cocoa and a caramel sweetness, fruity notes and a tart acidity leading to a malty finish.  Medium roast.

Strength 4/5

Roasters Choice Blend

A blend that combines flavours and complexities of bright fruitiness, hints of blueberry extracts and caramel sweetness. Notably full bodied and clean but lingering citrus aftertaste.

Strength 3/5

Rainforest Alliance Blend

Our 100% Rainforest certified coffee. A medium roast producing a full rounded flavour with a light nutty taste and a hint of acidity. The perfect all-round cup. Read more about our Rainforest Alliance Coffee.

Strength 3/5

Crema Blend

Excellent acidity with medium body with hints of honey, caramel, jelly crystals and dark cocoa that give way to a quick clean finish.  A light roasted coffee.

Strength 3/5

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Automatic blends


A decaf you’ll love! Our Columbian Decaf has a great aroma combined with a delicious, sweet and rich flavour. Chemical free Swiss water processing ensures a great decaf coffee.

Strength 2/5


A complex blend of 5 different origins of Arabica bean, producing a full bodied medium coffee ideally suited to coffee lovers who appreciate the more complex tastes from different origins.

Strength 2/5

Rainforest Alliance Blend

Our 100% Rainforest certified coffee. This is our most popular and smoothest blend! A medium roast producing a full rounded flavour with a light nutty taste and a hint of acidity. The perfect all-round cup. Read more about our Rainforest Alliance Coffee.

Strength 3/5

El Premio

One of our leading blends. Consisting of Columbia’s finest coffee. This rich and full bodied blend releases medium acidity, combined with a nutty and chocolate aftertaste, a great coffee 24/7.

Strength 3/5

La Bamba

A medium roast from one of Brazil’s finest coffee estates. This smooth and sweet bean is so popular it is commonly exported to Italy for their premium blends.


A balance of taste, flavour and aroma. Roasted separately, then combined to provide a sweet and fruity taste of medium and dark roasted beans for those who enjoy the best of both worlds.

Strength 4/5


The smoothest of our dark roasts, full bodied with a great aroma. For great espresso in the traditional style.

Strength 4/5


Wake up!  This perfect coffee hit to get you going. Our darkest roast containing a global blend of premium Arabica from three continents. With great acidity and strong aftertaste for those who like their coffee with punch.

Strength 4/5

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