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Rainforest Alliance

Did you know more than 25 million people in the tropics depend on coffee as their livelihood and that coffee is the primary economic backbone of many countries? Did you also know it is the world’s second most traded commodity, second only to oil?

I Luv Coffee are proud to support and supply a 100% certified ‘Rainforest Alliance’ coffee in our commitment to the environment and sound business practices.

Apart from being an excellent, rich and smooth blend of real espresso bean quality coffee, our business supports the local farmers and helps protect the wildlife found in these tropical coffee growing regions.

Some Coffee Farming Facts!

Currently coffee is farmed on approx 30 million acres (that’s 12 million hectares) worldwide, which is an area nearly the size of England!

The majority of coffee farms are located in areas regarded as high priorities for conservation where research has found that traditional, forested coffee farms are havens for some wonderful wildlife.

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